Business in Japan

What we do

We provide liquidity and risk management in currencies and fixed Income through a combination of voice and electronic delivery. Through our capital markets business we provide an integrated proposition across financing, solutions and advisory services.

Our strategists and content experts  across fixed income, currencies and capital markets offer fresh thinking alongside market-leading economic insights in the key economies where our customers do business.

We have a sharp focus on digitisation and automation with our range of digital FX, fixed income, risk management and international payments options.

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We’re an award-winning foreign exchange provider offering FX spot, forwards and options in more than 60 currency pairs as well as an FX prime brokerage service and FX digital solutions. 

Read more about our commitment to the FX Global code.

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Fixed income

We have longstanding expertise in the fixed income markets. We offer cash bond, repo and interest rate derivatives with a focus in GBP, EUR and USD and provide liquidity and credit for Investment Grade and High Yield for both financial institutions and corporate issuers.

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Capital markets

We’re the leading partner for our customers, helping them to access global debt capital markets across a wide variety of products and target markets, including bonds, loans, commercial paper, MTNs and private placements as well as bespoke financing solutions and primary lending products.

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Sustainable finance

Our focus on sustainable finance and helping customers achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and climate ambitions is fundamental to our purpose. 

Our support for customers has been recognised by a number of industry awards

Euromoney Foreign Exchange Awards 2023, E-FX Awards 2023

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Global Capital Bank Awards 2023

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CMDportal Awards 2023

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Our history

NatWest Japan’s roots go as far back as 1859 and it is now a globally-recognised part of NatWest Group, offering services to our clients in Japan and those that trade with Japan. 

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Words from our President

A message from Kenji Yamamoto , the President of NatWest Markets Japan. President Kenji  talks about how NatWest Japan works internationally and the knowledge that the whole NatWest Japan team brings to your banking.

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