We’ve all been there. Sat at an airport having been told to get there hours before our flight. Boredom can set in quite quickly… 

But with DragonPass Premier+, available to Reward Black account customers, you could turn your time at the airport into an exciting part of your trip.  

Here are five of the benefits you could enjoy: 

1. Lounge access

DragonPass Premier+ membership gives you access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world, including the newly refurbished Edinburgh Airport lounge. Depending on the airport, these lounges usually provide your own quiet space, free wi-fi, drinks and snacks, and sometimes even shower and spa facilities. 

2. Pre-booking

Lounges can be great but they can also fill up, so DragonPass Premier+ customers can use a pre-booking service for a small fee to secure a space..

3. Bring your friends

Want to share the luxury of the lounge with a fellow traveller? You can buy a guest pass on the app for just £24 per person.

4. Discounts elsewhere if the lounge isn’t for you

A quiet, relaxing lounge might not be your preferred place to wait for your flight, particularly if you’re travelling with little ones. But fear not, DragonPass Premier+ also has you covered out on the concourse. You can get discounts of up to 25% at selected airport restaurants and spas across the globe. 

5. It’s all on your phone

You can get the pass digitally by downloading the DragonPass Premier+ app on your phone – no need to go searching for a piece of plastic every time you travel. 

Want to learn more?

Speak to your Premier Manager, or head to the DragonPass Premier+ website.

Airport lounges are owned and operated independently of DragonPass. Admission is granted subject to capacity and at the discretion of the lounges.

To upgrade to this Premier account, available to existing current account customers only, you need to meet one of the following criteria: a minimum sole income of £100,000 or a joint income of £120,000 paid into your current account, or a mortgage with us of at least £500,000, or £100,000 in savings and investments with us. To earn rewards, you need to pay in £1,250 to an eligible NatWest account every month. Account fees apply.

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