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Agile Marketssupport@natwestmarkets.com

Brexit Informationclientaccountmanagement@natwestmarkets.com

Dodd Frank (DF) Protocoldfprotocol@natwestmarkets.com

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) Regulationemirregulation@natwestmarkets.com

Digital FX - digitalFX@natwest.com

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)SARS@natwestmarkets.com

MiFID 2mifid2@natwestmarkets.com

MicroRates - MicroRates@natwestmarkets.com

NatWest Markets Indices - Index administrationNWMIndexAdministrator@natwestmarkets.com

NatWest Markets Indices - SalesNWMIndices@natwestmarkets.com

Ring-fencing Informationringfencing@natwestmarkets.com

Market Insights Support - support.marketinsights@natwest.com

Media contacts

NatWest Markets Media Desk - Amy Cayzer - +44 (0)20 7672 1219

NatWest Markets Media Desk - Asia - Prakash Muthukrishnan - +65 65188319

NatWest Markets Media Desk - US - Kathleen Hanley - +1 203 897 3726

Head of Debt Investor Relations - Paul Pybus - +44 (0)20 7672 1758

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