Capital Markets

Providing solutions and financing to help our customers

Bonds and Private Placements

We could help you access Public and Private institutional investors through products ranging from investment grade bonds, medium-term notes, commercial paper and private placements, to hybrid capital and liability management.

Loan Markets

Working with you to arrange, structure, execute, price and distribute multi-lender loan facilities through a deep and geographically-diverse investor base.


We could help meet your interest rate needs by offering a range of interest rate products from swaps, government bonds and options to repos and inflation-linked solutions to help you identify and manage risk exposures.

Credit Trading & Sales

Our primary, secondary and structuring capabilities could help you solve problems and deliver your business plans throughout the entirety of the economic cycle.

Ratings Advisory

Helping corporates obtain, manage and optimise their credit ratings – especially through transformational events such as mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, recapitalisations, buy-backs or leveraged buyouts.

Climate, ESG and Sustainable Finance

Supporting customers through every step of their sustainability journey to create a greener, fairer and more inclusive economy.