COP26: actionable insights to help you build back greener in a post-pandemic world

Never has there been a more important time to address climate change. Find our perspectives from COP26 and actionable insights to support your transition to net zero here.

What COP26 means for business

From November 1st we’ll be sharing quick-take commentary on:

  • The day 1 outlook: why this COP could be pivotal for business
  • Finance: is green finance going mainstream?
  • Energy: the latest developments
  • Transport:  transition to zero emission transport
  • The day 12 outlook: key takeaways

Climate policy developments

“Tackling Climate Change” – a Virtual World Tour ahead of COP26: United Kingdom

Part 1 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – the UK’s political and institutional priorities

With businesses taking stock of the changes they have either initiated or experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, PWC’s 24th Annual CEO survey, published earlier this year, captured the sentiment of UK Corporates to use the rebuilding post COVID to address a broader range of issues.

Part 2 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – challenges and opportunities

While a fast-growing number of corporates, financial institutions, organisations and private investors have kick-started the transition to more sustainable business practices, the journey to get there will not only be shaped by sector origin and the nature of their business, but also by country specifics – lawmakers, regulators, societal expectations and the strength of the economy.

Part 3 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – the UK’s Green Finance Market

Has the UK’s ambition to become a leader in reaching a net zero carbon economy translated into high-volume Green Finance activity?

“Tackling Climate Change” – a Virtual World Tour ahead of COP26: Germany

Part 1 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – Germany’s political and institutional priorities

After kicking off our Virtual World Tour ahead of COP26 with the UK, we’re now travelling to Germany to have a closer look at Europe’s largest economy, starting in this article with an overview of Germany’s political and institutional priorities

Part 2 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – Germany’s challenges and opportunities

In this second article about Germany, we look in more detail at specific green challenges and opportunities of the world’s third largest exporting nation.

Part 3 - Transitioning to net zero carbon – Germany’s Green Finance Market

In our third and last article about Germany we’ll shine a spotlight on the country’s financial sector, which some observers say “has yet to pull its full weight in contributing to a smooth continuation of the Energiewende and a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions”

Biden climate summit debrief: five major themes to dominate the next stage of the climate change battle

Paul Molander outlines five major themes that dominated the US-hosted Leaders Summit on Climate and how they could set the pace for the next stage in the global battle against climate change.

Building back better – and greener: what the UK Budget means for driving a green & resilient recovery

Our specialists outline how the 2021 Budget aims to enlist corporates, financial institutions & institutional investment firms to help the UK adapt to the effects of climate change and build a more resilient future.

Green business innovation

In conversation with Tesco and Treasury Today: Integrating ESG into treasury and accelerating the transition to net-zero

In this special episode of On Point, Andrew Blincoe and Alex Ashby, Head of Markets Group in Treasury at Tesco speak with Treasury Today about how to integrate environment, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into treasury and craft a successful sustainability strategy.

Corporate Chief Sustainability Officers on overcoming barriers to ESG strategy implementation

At our recent corporate Chief Sustainability Officer roundtable event, we explored how leading businesses are overcoming key barriers to successful ESG strategy implementation.

Corporate Chief Sustainability Officers on three key focus areas for successfully addressing ESG risks

With COP26 due to take place in Glasgow in November, there has never been a greater focus on sustainability issues in the UK. At our recent corporate Chief Sustainability Officer roundtable event, we explored three key areas where progress is central to a company’s ability to become more sustainable.

Green finance

‘Greenflation’: will a more sustainable society come at the cost of rising inflation?

The argument that more sustainable outcomes will carry higher costs and thus lead to rising inflation could have huge implications for businesses, central banks, and global governments. But are we really likely to see sustained price rises as a result of going green? Alvaro Vivanco takes a closer look.

Improving ESG and achieving net-zero with data & technology

In this special episode of the On Point podcast, James Close, Head of Climate Change at NatWest joins a panel of sustainability specialists to discuss the role of data and technology in managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk and achieving a net-zero future.

Is female board participation at companies driving better environmental sustainability and stock performance?

Markets strategist Alvaro Vivanco explores why female board representation is positively linked to environmental sustainability and stock returns – and what it means for businesses looking to tackle ESG risks. Click here to read more.

ESG finance: how about a company’s second green bond?

While inaugural green bonds attract most of the limelight, follow-on issuances should not be forgotten. They highlight to what extent a company has truly committed to the asset class by becoming a recurring issuer. How does a company’s second green bond compare to its first? Our analysis suggests it’s “more of the same”.

Greener energy

The ‘greenification’ of Latin America: moving the needle on oil & gas decarbonisation

A closer look at the oil & gas industry in Latin America yields important lessons for oil & gas operators, global governments, and markets to heed on the road to a net-zero future.

ESG in the Biden era: emissions hit US utilities at the bottom line

Markets punishing high-emitting power providers and rewarding emission reductions after Joe Biden’s election victory highlights a growing need among both businesses & investors to focus on industry-specific ESG policy risks. In this feature, our specialists explore the link between a shift in US climate policy and the financial performance of utilities and highlight key risks you should consider.

Dogger Bank: Financing for the world’s largest offshore wind farm powers transition to zero-carbon UK economy

NatWest helps finance project to deliver clean energy to six million UK homes.

Caruna connects with the Green Bond market

Caruna is Finland’s largest electricity distributor with over 700,000 customers, delivering 20% of electricity in Finland through its 88,000 km long electrical grid network.

Greener buildings and transport

Hightown’s £100m Unsecured Green Private Placement funds new affordable and energy efficient homes

The first time we’ve seen US and Canadian Private Placement investors come together with UK Infrastructure funds to collectively invest in a Housing Association, including an investor new to the Social Housing Private Placement market.

Beyond Housing’s debut Sustainability Bond to deliver sustainable housing and contribute towards a more just society

Find out how supported Beyond Housing with the issuance of its inaugural sustainability bond.

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