Carbonplace and CIX team up to pilot voluntary carbon credits trading

NatWest, and other Carbonplace founders, team up with CIX to pilot secure and scalable voluntary carbon credits trading.

The collaboration helps achieve a key milestone in the development of Carbonplace by bringing the strengths of both platforms together: Carbonplace’s unique settlement technology and wallet service to store and trade credits will combine with CIX’s curated marketplace of VCCs to give customers scaled access to the voluntary carbon market.

Robert Begbie, Chief Executive Officer of NatWest Markets, said: “Collaborating with CIX has the opportunity to transform the voluntary carbon credit market. Through Carbonplace, we can drive transparent and secure trading, provide access to global distribution channels, and remove the need for multiple intermediaries, simplifying the process for carbon credit sellers and helping buyers to trust the process more.”

Søren Nikolajsen, Chief Executive Officer NatWest Markets Asia Pacific, added: “We’re delighted to join up with CIX, who have developed an impressive voluntary carbon credit platform in a short space of time. The CIX collaboration also represents a meaningful Asian expansion for Carbonplace, with a local and strategic partner. Reaching net zero is a global effort, and at NatWest we’re committed to helping our corporate customers reduce their carbon footprints through advisory services and financing as well as by offering access to voluntary carbon credits.”

Robert Begbie (left) alongside Mikkel Larsen, CEO of CIX (centre) and Søren Nikolajsen (right), at the NatWest office in Singapore.

Carbonplace – carbon made clear

In July 2021, NatWest partnered with a selection of other banks to launch a new voluntary carbon market settlement platform, Carbonplace. Since then, NatWest has continued to engage with these banks to develop the platform, and in February this year the initial group welcomed UBS, Standard Chartered and BNP Paribas as further founding members. 

For more information on Carbonplace and its origins, please check out the following:

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