The Year Ahead 2022: Vital insights to help you piece together the post-pandemic economy and thrive

As we look ahead to 2022 – this time with greater confidence that the worst of the pandemic is hopefully behind us – big questions remain over the shape of the economy left in its wake.

  • Will inflation dynamics be a long-term shift or will the economic recovery bring a return to pre-pandemic dis-inflationary pressures?
  • Are labour market shortages set to wane in a less accommodative fiscal environment – or are more structural shifts to blame?
  • Can global consumption offset the tightening of pandemic-linked support?
  • Are supply chains equipped for the “new normal” seemingly setting in?

And crucially: how can companies and financial institutions balance and tackle all of these risks?

That’s precisely the focus of the Year Ahead 2022. In this series of articles and podcasts below, we take a closer look at the post-pandemic economy and focus on five major themes we believe will fundamentally drive the outlook across regions, sectors, and markets.

From Big Fiscal to Big Consumer – and how central banks will react to the transition

We take a closer look at the handoff from generous fiscal policy to consumption-led growth in the year ahead, how central banks could react to new inflationary pressures, and what all of this means for markets. 

Listen to our podcast on how central banks will balance waning fiscal support and rising consumer spending: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

What a “World of Shortages” means for markets, companies, and the economy

As the global economy has reopened, demand has clearly outpaced the supply of nearly everything from skills and labour to energy and commodities, and big questions remain over the scale and persistence of the disruption in the year ahead. We take a closer look at how long they’re likely to last and the major implications for key sectors, markets, and regions.

Listen to our podcast on what the shortage of everything means for the economy and markets: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

How China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ policy could affect the global economy

China’s “Common Prosperity” policy looks set to be a game changer for the country as it refocuses its priorities away from economic expansion at breakneck speed at any cost towards a long-term goal of reducing domestic inequality in the years to come. We consider some of the key implications of the new policy and what they mean for the global economy. 

Listen to our podcast on the global implications of China’s new economic paradigm, ‘Common Prosperity’: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

Why ‘greenflation’ could confront policymakers and society with new challenges

As climate and social sustainability issues move to the top of the agenda, one of the biggest concerns is that greening the economy could result in higher inflation or ‘greenflation’. In the Year Ahead 2022, we consider some of the key questions about the link between going green and inflation, and potential implications for central banks and for society.

Listen to our podcast on ‘greenflation’ and the potential impact of a more sustainable society on prices: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

Six themes set to shape the corporate ESG landscape in 2022

Sustainability continues to edge up the corporate agenda – so what does 2022 have in store? Our specialists discuss six key themes that will dominate the corporate sustainability outlook in the year ahead. 

Listen to our podcast on the key themes dominating the corporate ESG landscape in 2022: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube.

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