BoE: Bank of England

BRC: British Retail Consortium

CBI: Confederation of British Industry

CDU/CSU: Christlich-Demokratische Union / Christlich-Soziale Union

CIPS: Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

CPI: Consumer Price Index

CRB: Commodity Research Bureau

CTA:  Commodity trading adviser

ECB: European Central Bank

EM: Emerging Markets

ESG: Environmental, social and governance

FOMC: Federal Open Market Committee

FX: Foreign exchange

GDP: Gross Domestic Product

GFK:  Growth from Knowledge (consumer research)

GSSS: Green, Social, Sustainable & Sustainability-linked

ICE: Intercontinental Exchange

IFO: Information and Forschung / Germany’s Institute for Economic Research

ILO: International Labour Organisation

IMF: International Monetary Fund

ISCM: Institute for Supply Management

JOLTS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey

LLM:  Large Language Model

MBA: Mortgage Bankers Assopciation

MHRA: Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

MPC: Monetary Policy Committee

NAHB: National Association of Home Builders

OBR: Office for Budget Responsibility 

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 

PEPP: Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme

PIPS: Percentage in point

PMI: Purchasing Managers' Index

PNSB: Public Net Sector Borrowing

PPI: Producer Price Index

QE: Quantitative Easing

RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation 

TLTRO: Targeted long-term refinancing options

VAT: Value Added Tax

WTO: World Trade Organization

ZEW: Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung / Germany’s Sentiment Index

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