Catch up on the latest corporate webinar: navigating the post-Brexit trade paradigm

This interactive webinar brought together corporate treasurers and experts from NatWest for a timely discussion on the new post-Brexit trade paradigm and what it means for corporate finance decision-makers.

Key topics discussed include:

  • The extent to which we are likely to see divergence of regulatory rules between the UK and Europe, particularly around financial services, and what this may mean for trade relationships and corporate structuring
  • How regulatory divergence could be beneficial for UK-based corporates in certain areas (ESG for example)
  • Potential implications of HM Treasury ring-fencing review for how banks support corporates internationally
  • Other potential future trade deals or developments in the provision of trade finance that may impact the way goods and services are traded
  • How changes in logistics are feeding through to the provision of finance and to businesses’ overall relationship with banks
  • How NatWest customers thinking about supply chain management and possible solutions that treasurers can deploy to boost supply chain resilience in the post-Brexit economy

Click here to access a full replay of the webinar. 

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