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Bringing together views and analysis from a broad range of specialists, we’ve curated this dedicated hub of insights with your needs in mind, from the latest market moves to the big picture trends transforming the treasury. Inform your decision-making and get ready for tomorrow.

Digitalisation and transformation

Get the latest on the digital trends transforming treasury

  • Treasury in 2030: how to prepare for a more automated, open, sustainable, digital future
  • The four Ps for managing treasury digitalisation, liquidity & leverage in a post-pandemic world
  • Open your eyes to open-banking
  • 5 key digital trends transforming treasury in 2021
  • Next level digital treasury: the trends to watch and master
  • The pandemic and Brexit are driving a long-needed supply chain technology renaissance - here's how treasurers should prepare 

Year ahead 2022

Vital insights to help you piece together the post-pandemic economy and thrive

As we look to the year ahead – this time with greater confidence that the worst of the pandemic is hopefully behind us – big questions remain over the shape of the economy left in its wake. In this series of articles and podcasts, we take a closer look at the post-pandemic economy and focus on five major themes we believe will fundamentally drive the outlook across regions, sectors, and markets.

Market landscape

Prepate for the future of economies and markets

  • What the shortage of everything really means for businesses addressing supply chain issues rising inflation and cost pressures
  • The Q3 global economic outlook: a strong rebound gets stronger, but all eyes are on inflation and central banks
  • Tracking trade when will supply chain and price pressures ease 
  • FX insights: stay up-to-date with the latest views from the FX Markets
  • Bondcast: get insight on the biggest themes and events shaping rates markets in this weekly podcast series
  • The Weekly Watch podcast: get a quick-take analysis on what to watch in financial markets for the week ahead

ESG and sustainability

Make the changes needed to benefit the world and your bottom-line

  • In conversation with Tesco and Treasury Today: Integrating ESG into treasury and accelerating the transition to net-zero
  • ESG hub: get news, views and analysis on everything ESG-related
  • ESG essentials: get up to speed on all the basics of ESG through our focussed educational guides
  • The Road to COP26: perspectives on the global green transition

Regulation and market structure

Be on point and prepare for the latest regulatory developments

  • Olympic sprint through some recent regulatory developments 
  • More than just a messaging system the benefits of ISO 20022 and how to approach its adoption
  • Dear CEO: this is not an April Fool – Q1 LIBOR milestones
  • ESG & regulation: carrot and stick
  • SOFR, so good? BoE Governor takes aim at credit sensitive rates for USD LIBOR

Corporate finance and risk

Navigate today's business growth challenges and opportunities

  • Deconglomeration
  • Lower for longer: Four options for corporates struggling to find gainful homes for cash
  • The 2021 outlook: trends in corporate finance and risk management
  • Six ways the prospect of higher inflation could affect your business 
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