View from the top: three questions in three minutes on how FIs are adapting to the new now

Three NatWest leaders answer burning questions from our financial institutional customers about becoming a more sustainable bank, the post-pandemic nature of work, and the impact of fintechs and challenger banks on the industry landscape.

Dramatic change across markets and economies

As the pandemic refocuses the world’s attention on the importance of sustainability, how can FIs play a more meaningful role enabling better outcomes for communities and the environment?

With many of the world’s workers now used to working remotely, what will the future of office life look like upon their return – and how can FIs best balance the needs of employees, managers, and customers?

And, with the pandemic accelerating digital transformation across the economy and creating more room for digital-first banks & fintechs, what will the financial industry look like in the years to come?

In this bitesize box set, our Head of Corporates & Institutions Andrew Blincoe, Head of Customer Propositions & Delivery Matt Tuck, and Head of Banks & Transaction Services James Waud share their thoughts and tackle three burning questions from FI clients on the new now.

3 minutes on: turning ESG into tangible action

Client question: ESG is at the forefront of industry considerations. How is NatWest turning its focus on ESG into tangible action & business decisions across the bank?

3 minutes on: future ways of working

Client question: What are your views on returning to the office and NatWest’s future strategy there? And what are your views on the nature of the office going forward?

3 minutes on: the rise of fintechs & challenger banks

Client question: With more challenger banks and fintechs becoming more established in the provision of transaction banking, do you see these institutions as a threat or an opportunity?

Watch the full webinar here

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