Niceasia Mc Perry

Climate and ESG Capital Markets Corporates
Niceasia joined the bank in 2019 and is an associate within Capital Markets covering two positions.

She is an associate within the Debt Capital Markets Benelux team, working with clients from different sectors within the Benelux region. Within this role she supports origination and execution efforts across fixed income products having executed numerous debt capital transactions since 2019. 

As part of her second position as an associate within Climate and ESG Capital Markets Corporates, Niceasia helps corporates take a holistic approach to sustainability. Niceasia is also a member of the Works Council for NatWest Markets NV in The Netherlands.

Before joining the bank in 2019, Niceasia was a trainee at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.

Nicesia joined the bank in 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Investments from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management Studies from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

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