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Mobile Banking - video transcript

The Natwest Mobile Banking App: banking in the palm of your hand

What do you think about the NatWest Mobile Banking App?

It’s changed my banking because I use to have to phone up all the time so now you can just use the app. It makes life easier.

It’s quite fun to use and it’s certainly revolutionised the way I use my banking.

The main feature which I think will benefit, not just people my age but everyone, is how easy it is to use.

Do you feel secure using the NatWest Mobile Banking App?

I’m definitely happy with the amount of security in the app at the moment.

I like that it’s secure and it feels safe.

I’ve got no problem with the security.

Do you feel secure using the NatWest Mobile Banking App?

I forget my bank card a lot, so being able to transfer money to friends when they give me cash on the spot is really useful.

If I need to transfer funds to my other half if she’s abroad or something, if I’m able to transfer to her and she’s one of my contacts on my phone, it makes life simpler.

Do you feel secure using the NatWest Mobile Banking App?

Definitely recommend using it because it’s easy.

It’s really good.

To use Mobile Banking, you must have a NatWest personal account with a debit card and a UK mobile number starting with 07. To make a payments using mobile banking, you must have already set up and made your first payment to each new payee via Digital Banking.

Search 'NatWest' on your smartphone now and start mobile banking today.

Our Mobile Banking App is available for iPhone, iPad, Balckberry and Android.