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To apply, you must be 18+ and a UK resident with a NatWest current account (held for 3+ months).

Reasons to take out a loan

Buying a car

Taking out a car loan could get you the car you want, quicker.

Home improvements

Sometimes it makes more sense to improve instead of move.

Consolidating debt

A debt consolidation loan could help you tidy up your finances.

Getting married

Plan the perfect day.

Going on holiday

We could help get you there. 

Take out a joint loan

Joint loans

Take on life together with a joint personal loan
  • You and a loved one, family member or friend can borrow money together
  • You could use the money for a special event or shared passion 
  • Chip away at the loan as a team

Top up an existing loan

Borrowing more

If you already have a loan with us but need to borrow more, we may be able to help. You could...

Open a new loan and keep your existing one

Replace your existing loan with a larger one

Tools to help you

Already have a loan with us?

You can now manage your loan online, and do things like request your final settlement amount, make an extra loan payment or check your interest rate.

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