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Top tips for working from home

A guide to working from home

We've put together some helpful tips to make working from home work for you.

We want to help you through these challenging times by sharing our advice and giving you the support you need.  

Here's some of our top tips for remote working

  1. 01

    Routinely routine

    • Try to mirror your normal work practices 
    • Make sure you set a clear finish time
    • If needed, adapt your structure and rourtine to fit your new way of working

    Support for childcare providers

    It can be a lot to manage if you and your partner have to work from home and also look after your children. Here's some guidance on managing childcare whilst working from home.
  2. 02

    Break it down

    • Set yourself achieveable goals
    • Break down tasks and challenges
    • Focus on what's most important, immedidate and achievable 
    • Maintain a balance between different work priorities
  3. 03

    Bursty communication

    • Experiment with different ways of communicating (messaging apps and video conferencing tools)
    • Avoid over-reliance on email
    • Pick up the phone for a quick conversation
  4. 04

    Stay focused

    • Turn off email notifcations during virtual meetings
    • Set times to look at social media apps
    • Only open the tools and websites you need for your work 
  5. 05

    Keep up the energy

    • Keep up the pace in team meetings
    • Rotate speakers on a daily or weekly basis
    • Have virtual meetings in different settings (e.g. garden to get some fresh air)
  6. 06

    Take a break

    • Factor in screen breaks 
    • Try to space your meetings out
    • Take some time to check in with your friends and family

    Looking after yourself

    Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Studies show that stress accounts for 40% of cases of workplace sickness in the UK. The NHS have some great tips for managing stress.
  7. 07

    Establish team rituals

    • Have virtual tea breaks with your colleagues
    • Share your favourite playlists
    • Share learnings and top tips
  8. 08

    Recognise achievements

    • Recognise team achievements
    • Don’t forget the big milestones like team members’ birthdays

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