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Working at home with kids

How to work from home with kids

We know managing childcare whilst working remotely isn't easy and so we have put together some helpful tips for you.

Working from home tips

Have an open and honest discussion

Talk to your manager about what is achievable based on your circumstances. Try to mirror your normal work routine if possible.

Adapt as you go

Think about what may work for you and try it for a week. Always reflect on your working pattern, if it doesn’t work tweak it. Be prepared to be flexible, each week maybe different.

Communicate with colleagues

Let your colleagues know about your working times. If you’re joining a call and there could be some distractions, inform your colleagues about it.

Set ground rules

Put in place some guidelines to have some personal time. Let your family know when you are busy and should avoid interrupting you.

Tips for managing childcare

Explore routine

Try and add some structure to help normalise the experience, don’t worry if the routine isn’t perfect

Don’t try and replicate the school day

Review your routine and the end of the week and adapt if needed

Don’t get bombarded

There is a lot of information on what children should be doing during the ‘school day’, don’t get overwhelmed by this information

Pick a couple of good insights and stick to them

Reassure and show compassion

Inevitably emotions are going to be heightened and it’s normal for your children to experience stress

Signs of stress can vary from child to child, this may show in challenging behaviour

Plan some creative exercises for your children which can help reduce stress levels

Looking after yourself

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    Exercise self-compassion and self-kindness

    We all want to do our best, but inevitably there will be difficulties and challenges which can cause us to feel some inner conflict

    Accept those feelings with sympathy and kindness, rather than self-criticism, stress and frustration

    We are all going through this together

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    Don't compare yourself to others

    There is a lot of information and advice about home schooling and managing childcare

    What works for one person may not work for you

    Don’t compare yourself to others as this may have a negative impact on your wellbeing

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    Use tools available to you

    You can’t do everything the same level as you have before, and trying to won’t be sustainable

    There are plenty of resources available, have a look what’s out there

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    Looking for advice?

    The British Psychological Society’s Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) has published tips for schools, parents and carers.

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