Helping Ukraine: what’s the most effective way to give?

This article was last updated on 25th April 2022

Here’s how you could help those most impacted

The invasion of Ukraine has triggered an outpouring of global aid and giving. 

When Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on 24th February, the reaction around the world was one of serious concern. Pretty quickly, people started asking a very important question: what can I do to help those affected?

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

NatWest Group pledged to match donations by customers and staff to the DEC – up to £2.5 million. And, thanks to the generosity of those who donated, that amount has already been reached – with customers and staff raising more than £8.7 million in total so far. 

Donate to DEC Charities

Established in 1963, the DEC is an umbrella organisation of UK aid charities that helps coordinate and manage aid appeals in response to humanitarian crises around the world.
The DEC has raised more than £300 million as part of its Ukraine campaign – more than £1 million an hour for every hour the campaign has been active. These donations go through highly reputable charities, with established connections in Ukraine and proven track records on delivering effective relief.

Making sure you make a difference

Even with the best of intentions, donations given in kind to aid a cause can easily get lost in the chaos or diminished by the time they reach those in need. Getting aid to where it’s needed can be problematic, especially in war zones where storage and infrastructure are compromised.

All this means that in times like these it is critical that money raised in support of Ukraine is donated wisely, to charities that can effectively work with local partners on the ground and ensure the impact of aid is as great as it can be – such as the DEC. 

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