How could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affect my investments?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

On this page, we look at the events currently unfolding in Ukraine, review potential scenarios, economic and market implications. 

Putting the invasion into context for investors

To provide perspective and context to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we brought together an expert panel to discuss historical parallels and explain why financial markets typically bounce back strongly from major shocks. 

Helping Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has triggered an outpouring of global aid and giving. When Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the reaction around the world was one of horror. Pretty quickly, people started asking a very important question: what can I do to help those affected?

Cost of living

The devastating human impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is still a key concern for people across the globe. But alongside the shocking effect it’s having on people’s lives, more and more media stories are appearing about how it might impact the economy, with rising oil and grain prices fuelling higher living costs.

What might it mean for your money?

We spoke to Monique Wong, one of the experts at Coutts behind your NatWest Invest funds, to get an idea of how this could impact the global economy, what it means for financial markets, and what we’re doing to manage your money at this time.

A changing landscape

The terrible scenes on the news of those affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been unsettling for people around the world. And while the tragic human cost of the invasion continues to dominate our thoughts, recent events have rattled markets too. But the economic impact may be more limited.

How markets have stood their ground in the past

Following the tragic events we’ve been seeing since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our thoughts are first and foremost with those most affected – in the region and around the world. With some two million people now having fled the country, the human cost cannot be over-stated. 

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