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Information for students and tenants with NatWest Home Insurance

Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited

We’ve made some changes to our Home Insurance covers for students and rental tenants and now offer a new Renters Insurance product to replace Essentials Contents Cover.


This page will help you understand what this means for you and what options you have.


Click here to see a comparison table of Essentials Contents and Renters Contents

I have Essentials Contents Cover  

We’ve replaced Essentials Contents Insurance with Renters Insurance, so when you get to renewal you won’t be able to renew your Essentials Contents Insurance.


Instead we’ll write to you to offer you the new Renters Insurance, explain the changes, the price we can offer you for Renters Insurance and what you’ll need to do if you want to move to the new cover. If you have received this and you have questions, call the team on 0345 301 5719 (MiniCom 0800 0051 3030).


Your Essentials Contents Cover will stay in place until your renewal.


If you want to learn more about Renters Insurance you can find details here, or you can see a comparison of Essentials and Renters Insurance key features here. If you want to move to Renters Insurance before your Essentials renewal you can call U K Insurance Limited to do this and there’s no cancellation fee to change whenever you’re ready.

I have an Essentials Contents Cover quote but haven’t started my cover yet 

We now offer a new contents Insurance policy called Renters Insurance which has replaced our Essentials Contents Cover. However if you have a quote from between 26th March and 24th June you have 2 options:

Option 1 – Take out Essentials Cover

You can take out cover by retrieving your quote. At renewal you won’t be able to continue with Essentials cover but we’ll write to you explaining the move to the new Renters Insurance product.

Retrieve quote

Option 2 – Get a new quote for Renters Insurance

If you want to check if Renters Insurance may be better suited to your needs you can see a comparison here, and get a quote for Renters Insurance.

Get a quote

I have Standard or Elite Contents Cover  

We’ve recently launched a new contents insurance policy called Renters Insurance which is specifically designed for rental tenants. Renters Insurance offers contents cover up to £25,000 and options to add Personal Possessions, Accidental Damage and Legal Covers.


If this level of cover might be more suitable for you, you can move to Renters Insurance at any time and there’s no cancellation fees for doing this.


Check how Renters Insurance compares to your current cover here and call the U K Insurance Limited team on the contact numbers shown if you’d like to discuss changing to Renters Insurance.  

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