APP Scam Code

The new Authorised Push Payment Scam Code

Think you’ve been the victim of a scam? We can help you.

The new Authorised Push Payment (APP) Scam Code has been launched to help those who have lost money due to a scam.

Protection from fraud and scams

Technology advances bring many benefits, such as online and mobile banking. However, in an increasingly digital world, technology also allows fraudsters and scammers to become more sophisticated. 

That is why we were one of the founding members of a group of banks which established the new ‘Authorised Push Payment (APP) Scam Code’. The Code is voluntary and we have been a member since it launched back in May 2019. 

What is an ‘APP scam’?

These scams occur when you are tricked into authorising a payment to an account that you believe belongs to a legitimate person or company, but it is in fact controlled by a scammer.

How the new APP Code will protect you

Under the new APP Code customers who are protected will be fully reimbursed if they fall victim to an APP scam, provided they did everything expected of them under the Code.


What we do to protect you against scams

As a bank, we already meet the requirements of the Code and have started introducing it into the way we work.

Here are some of the things we already do to protect you against scams:

In our Online banking and Mobile app there are now warnings & advice when you pay money to a new payee.

In higher risk circumstances we may perform additional checks on payments that you request, often getting in touch to check details and give advice on the signs of a scam.

We educate you through promotion of the industry Take 5 initiative to raise awareness of scams and how to deal with them.

Our colleagues are trained to spot payments which customers believe to be genuine but are actually scams.


Helping you spot scams and keep yourself safe

We have a lot of advice on our website to help you understand common scams and what to look out for. Scammers are always changing tactics, so it's important to stay up to date with these. 




What to do if you think you are the victim of a scam

If you believe you've been the victim of a scam, or you're in contact with someone you think is trying to scam you, please contact our dedicated scams reporting line by calling 03457 888 444. 

If you're outside the UK, please call: +44 3457 888 444. 

Lines open 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read more about the Code here