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Is The NatWest Credit Card right for you?

To help you, we’ll give you an idea of the interest you could pay. We’ll also help you understand if you could save interest by comparing against your current standard purchase rate. Please be as accurate as possible with the information you provide.

This is the balance you have on your credit card, this may be made up of purchases and/or balance transfers, that you pay interest on.

If you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, you will pay interest on your outstanding balance (unless you have an ‘interest free’ offer with your credit card).

Please note, this calculator doesn’t take cash advance rates into account.
Based on the information you have given us, you could be paying around
£0.0 per year

The amount of fees and interest you’ll pay is based on a purchase rate of 9.9% p.a. (variable). There are no fees for balance transfers. Depending on your individual circumstances, your rate could be 9.9%, 15.9% or 18.9% p.a. (variable). 

How much could you save?

Tell us about the credit card you’d like us to compare.

This is the effective interest rate you pay on your credit card purchases, if you do not pay your credit card balance in full each month. You can usually find details of these rates on your credit card statement.
Annual Fees
Annually, you could save
The NatWest Credit Card
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Representative example


Standard interest rate for purchases: 9.9% p.a. (variable), Representative 9.9% APR (variable) based on an assumed Credit Limit of £1,200, Annual fee: £0



Your actual credit limit will depend on our credit assessment of you, and the actual APR you receive will depend on your circumstances.

Important information

We calculated the potential saving by taking the interest you pay currently, and subtracting the interest you'd pay with The NatWest Credit Card. 

The saving doesn’t take into account any promotions, offers or other card features e.g. 0% promotional offers or cashback.

This tool provides an indication of the interest and potential savings based on the information you provide, and a purchase of rate of 9.9% p.a. (variable). The actual interest and charges you will pay will depend on your personal card usage and outstanding balance you have on your card at that time. All credit card applications are subject to status and full credit checks.

You can transfer balances of any amount up to 95% of your available credit limit. The minimum balance transfer amount is £100. To apply, you must hold a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with NatWest, be a UK resident, aged 18+ and earning at least £10K per year. Interest on fees and charges is payable in line with our terms and conditions.

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