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Trade winds: six ways treasurers can harness supply chain disruptors

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been huge disruption to established supply chains.

The pandemic and Brexit are driving a long-needed supply chain technology renaissance

Supply chain management and finance has long needed a technology overhaul, but many businesses have been slow or unwilling to invest in recent years.

Global trade data is in the green: 4 reasons to be optimistic about supply chain pressures

With global trade volumes now sitting at 7.5% above pre-pandemic levels, there is indeed much to be optimistic about as the latest infection wave recedes.

Tracking global trade: protectionism begins to bite

The war in Ukraine and lockdowns in China continued to reverberate through global supply chains through Q2. A new and worrying rise in trade protectionism could exacerbate those pressures for longer.

Special FX: Taming foreign currency risks through automation and innovation

Two NatWest experts share the inside track on how treasurers can better manage FX risks by shaking up legacy processes and old-fashioned thinking, improving data collection through APIs, and embracing automation.

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