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NatWest Conference Speakers

Ian Povey

Head of Market Development, Payments

“Managing sanctions risks with global technology providers”

Tuesday 11 October 16:00 – 16:45 CET

Ian is accountable for the run, change and continuous availability of the payments technology for the NatWest Group, as a systemically critical participant in the industry.

Ian is focused on transformation and modernisation of the technology estate, collaborating with the business to continuously improve each customer journey.

Lee McNabb

Strategy and Innovation Manager

CBDCs: how could they be used in international payments?

Wednesday 12 October 13:30 – 14:15 CET

Lee leads Payment Strategy and Research for NatWest Payments. Assessing the landscape, understanding the threats and opportunities, setting the go forward direction, supporting customers across multiple brands and doing so in collaboration with internal and external partners.  

Solange Chamberlain

Head of Market Development, Payments

“Big Issue Debate: A Sustainable and Equitable Financial Future”

Thursday 13 October 13:00 – 14:00 CET

Solange is the Chief Operating Officer of NatWest Group’s Commercial & Institutional franchise. She leads the franchise’s strategy, capital and investment prioritisation, as well as digital, learning & transformation programmes.

In addition to being the Executive sponsor for Commercial & Institutional’s response to climate change, Solange is also on the board of the Group’s RBSI business. 

Jessica Richards

Head of Market Development, Payments

“Growth in global payments: and the winners are…”

Thursday 13 October 14:00 - 15:00 CET

At NatWest, Jessica is responsible for strategy as well as regulatory, industry and external engagement across the payments market.

Her team is the focal point for the Bank’s payments strategy and strategic insights, as well engagement across the industry where NatWest plays a leading role, processing 1 in 4 payments in the UK. She sits on a number of industry Boards on behalf of NatWest.

The NatWest Team

Stuart Foster

Managing Director, Financial Institutions

Stuart Foster was recently appointed as Managing Director of Financial Institutions at NatWest and is a member of the Commercial & Institutional Executive Committee. Stuart will bring all institutional customers across NatWest Group into one franchise to deliver greater value to all stakeholders. 

Simon Eacott

Managing Director, Head of Payments

As Head of Product Development & Innovation, Simon leads the Payments customer centric Innovation Programme together with product/scheme responsibilities. Simon has extensive experience in the Payments industry, with expertise in strategic change programmes, cash management sales, operations and product management.

James Waud

Managing Director, Head of Banks and Transaction Services

James is the Managing Director of Banks and Transaction services and has been at NatWest for 7 years, having originally joined as Global Head of Subsidiary Banking. James previously spent 18 years at J.P. Morgan, then returned to London and assumed a variety of sales leadership roles including running UK Corporate, US and Asia Multinational Coverage teams.

Monika Tarr

Head of Global Banks

Monika Tarr leads our Global Banks team, based in the UK serving our Bank clients outside of Europe. Monika previously headed up Emerging Markets and Southern Europe following her role in Global Transaction Banking Sales for Latin American banks. Monika has previously held roles as a Director in Consulting for Banks at Deloitte, Funding at RBS Treasury and in Origination and Syndicate for Frequent Borrowers and Financial institutions Debt Capital Markets.

Adam Hanke

Head of UK, Europe and Government Banking

Adam Hanke leads the UK, Europe and Government Banking team. Adam has been with NatWest for 8 years, and in that time has held a number of leadership roles, with a focus on deepening existing relationships as well as identifying and developing new business with financial institutions.

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