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Scammer House of Horrors

Scammer House of Horrors

Welcome one and all to The Scammers House of Horrors. In the below videos, our esteemed narrator, Simon Callow, will read three horror stories that are sure to shock and terrify you. We hope hearing these real-life stories will help you to stay safe from frightening fraud and ghastly scams. 


As technology advances and scams become more sophisticated, we know a lot of our customers are finding it increasingly difficult to spot the signs of being targeted by a fraudster.


That’s why NatWest has teamed up with esteemed actor Simon Callow to create The Scammer House of Horrors: a series of terrifying tales of creepy cons and frightful frauds, to help protect businesses and their employees from fiendish scammers.

The Final Demand

In The Final Demand, we hear a cautionary tale of a small business owner who falls foul to an Invoice re-direction scam as a nightmare comes to life

The Final Demand audio book

Twisted Fate

In Twisted Fate, find out what happens to Hannah when she takes a gamble and invests in what she thinks is a very lucrative Cryptocurrency deal

Twisted Fate audio book

Romance is Dead

Romance is Dead, or is it ? Not for Victor as he schemes his way around his latest prey, using fake charms to win over a lady looking for love

Romance is Dead audio book