Help to take your business further

Access to Business Experts

Bringing our expertise and knowledge to you

As a bank, we’re committed to removing barriers to finding non-financial support, and as the largest supporter of UK businesses, we champion anyone starting or growing a business.

We know many of you still find it harder than it should be to access the right business experts at the right time. And that’s where we come in.

We’ll connect you to expert human support that suits you and your business, using our internal and external networks. 

Access to Business Experts is a free service, and you do not have to be an existing NatWest customer to take part.

All sorts of support

If you’re looking for people that know their stuff and are keen to develop you and your business, we have a wide range of helpful tools just for you, that could take your business further, faster.

Sometimes, you just need to know there are people out there in the same situation as you. That’s where our internal and external networks can help support you and your business to grow and develop.

Whether you’re just starting out, or growing fast, we can help you go further.

Not a customer?

Not a problem! You don’t need to be a NatWest Customer to take advantage of our Access to Business Experts.

What we offer

There’s four types of free support available for you and your business

1:1 mentors

Our network of internal and external mentors will empower you and your business with tailored support, and help grow your network as well

Group coaching sessions

Our coaching sessions are just the thing for high growth businesses looking to scale. With each session themed and facilitated by an Acceleration Manager, they could bring clarity, action and perspective to your business

Local Enterprise Managers

Our team of accredited Local Enterprise Managers could help boost your business with their knowledge and skills, and they’re specialists in enterprise and business support too

1:1 business reviews

Conducted by our Local Enterprise Managers, our business reviews are bespoke to you and your business, designed to cover the following areas: business overview and goals, enterprise, plus products and services

How do I get involved?

To help us find the right support for you and your business, simply tell us what you’d like support with, the stage of your business, then select the help you’d like.


Our current Accelerator programmes are open to all business owners, sign-up is required but you do not have to be a NatWest customer.

"How has the Accelerator programme benefitted you?"

It has really allowed me to broaden my network both internally within the hub and externally. Having check-ins with a dedicated coach really makes you accountable for your actions and keeps you setting deadlines for yourself. The feedback and advice has been invaluable for my business.

Reza Najafian

CEO of Staff Scanner

"How did the Accelerator community help you?"

In the accelerator, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and someone is always on hand to give you the sound advice, encouragement or support you need to drive your business forward.

Kameese Dinah Davis,

Founder of Cherish Earth Ltd