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Championing Women’s Voices

Podcast series from NatWest, presented by June Sarpong.

NatWest podcast series

We learn how these motivational women found inspiration and support while overcoming adversity, and tackling issues such as imposter syndrome and mental health.

**Latest** Episode 9:

Finding your funny

Lynne Parker, chief executive of female comedy community Funny Women, and award-winning comedian Jenny Bolt, sit down with June to reveal how humour can help women gain confidence and find their own voice, both in business and everyday life.

Episode 8:

Male allies: their role in gender diversity

In this episode we flip the script to explore how women can benefit from having male allies. June is joined in the studio by former coach of the England Women’s cricket team Mark Robinson OBE; and Joy Burnford, founder of My Confidence Matters, which works to inspire women to become more confident leaders.

Episode 7:

Growing a business rooted in purpose with Andrea Gamson and Rachel Wang

June talks about the rise of the social enterprise and women leading the embedding of purpose in business. Her guests are Andrea Gamson, CEO and founder of SocialStarters, which matches UK-based professionals with social entrepreneurs who need business support; and Rachel Wang, co-founder of Chocolate Films. This video production company uses its profits to support an outreach and workshop programme for vulnerable young people.

Episode 6:

Building a female brand with Linzi Boyd and Simone Roche

June is joined by Business of Brand founder Linzi Boyd, who teaches business leaders how to establish brand fame, and Simone Roche, founder and CEO of Northern Power Women, which drives gender balance in workplaces across northern England, to discuss how to create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

Episode 5:

Succeeding in male-dominated environments with Grace Vella and Jane LeBlond

Grace Vella, founder of female football-inspired brand MissKick for girls from all backgrounds, and Jane LeBlond, founder and promoter of women in craft beer through her all-female brewing company Mothership, talk to June about how to thrive in a male-dominated arena.

Episode 4:

Opening up on mental health with Poorna Bell and Jo Loughran

June is joined by award-winning journalist Poorna Bell, and Jo Loughran, director of the mental health movement Time To Change, to discuss the changing attitudes towards mental well-being both inside and outside the workplace and why people should be able to feel confident about starting a discussion about it without fear of judgement.

Episode 3:

Networking and building your tribe with Fi Bendall and Nafisa Bakkar

Fi Bendall, founder and CEO of The Female Social Network, and Nafisa Bakkar, founder of media platform Amaliah, talk to June about how to build a support system to help women succeed in business.

Episode 2:

Juggling home and work with Candice Brathwaite and Helen Tupper

Candice Brathwaite, co-founder of the movement Make Motherhood Diverse, and Helen Tupper, co-founder of Amazing If and author of The Squiggly Career, talk to June about finding that elusive work-life balance.

Episode 1:

Fear of failure with Stacey Dooley MBE and Ebony Rainford-Brent

June is joined in the studio by journalist and documentary filmmaker Stacey Dooley and retired English cricketer Ebony Rainford-Brent to discuss strategies for overcoming fear of failure.

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