Entrepreneurs making a difference

Climate Accelerator

Our accelerators empower UK entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level. 

We have a dedicated Climate Accelerator for start-ups and businesses helping to tackle climate change and protect our planet. 

We’ve worked with over 200 climate focused businesses in the accelerator so far. Their innovations and creative energy are leading the way towards a more sustainable future. 

Here are just some of the businesses making a difference.

How the accelerator works

The Climate accelerator programme is free to join and runs for a period of six months. It’s designed with the specific needs of climate-focused businesses in mind. Key benefits include:

  • One to one coaching with an experienced enterprise manager
  • Access to a network of like-minded peers, potential partners and customers
  • A programme of climate thought leadership and events
  • Use of our modern co-working spaces in one of our nationwide hubs
  • Focused support with access to experts from relevant specialisms

“In the hub, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and someone is always on hand to give you the sound advice, encouragement or support you need to drive your business forward.”

Kameese Davis, Founder of Cherish Earth Ltd

Register your interest

If you’re a climate focused business looking to scale, we’d love to hear from you. One of our accelerator managers will get in touch to explain about the programme and see how we could help.

We also have accelerator programmes specialising in High Growth, FinTech and Purpose-led enterprise. And we’re introducing new accelerators on clean transport and the circular economy soon.

You can also explore our free Business Builder resources, which are here to support businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages.

Meet the entrepreneurs

Here’s just a sample of some of the exciting climate-focused business who are, or have been, part of our accelerator programme.

My Emissions

Ever wondered about the carbon footprint of the food we eat? My Emissions enables businesses to calculate, reduce, and show the carbon footprint of their food. Just like nutritional labels, they also offer clear carbon labels for menus and products.

They're helping businesses and consumers understand their climate impact and make sustainable choices.

"It's great to have the support of the NatWest Climate Accelerator, who are helping us turn our dream of universal food carbon labels into a reality."
    – Matthew Isaacs, Co-founder


The best energy solution will be different for every business. OnGen’s online software and energy expertise allow businesses to evaluate their options, switch to onsite renewables in a cost-effective way and reduce their overall energy expenditure.

“The accelerator gave OnGen a great start with flexible office space and access to a range of professional service providers and mentors.”
    – Chris Trigg, Managing Director


The oil and maritime industry produce hazardous waste, known as oil sludges. Envorem have developed an environmentally responsible and low-carbon solution for dealing with this pollution, with the potential to make a big difference.

“NatWest has brilliantly coupled coaching with the power of networking; being an entrepreneur is not so lonely now!” 
    – Mark Batt-Rawden, Managing Director


Collecteco partner with companies across the UK to generate social value, net zero and circular economy benefits from surplus furniture and equipment through donation to charities, schools, community groups, NHS trusts and other not for profit good causes.

“The support we’ve received has been invaluable in helping us hone and focus our offering. The community of entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches is truly something special.” 
    – Steve Sliney, Director

Ways we can help

We could help with your climate plan

Many businesses are making climate a part of their plans and looking to reduce their carbon footprint. We’re here to help with this. You can find out about the support, advice and services we offer to help with your climate goals on our climate support for businesses hub.

Introducing the new EV8 Switch app

Switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a great way to reduce your carbon emissions and save money. That’s why NatWest are supporting the new EV8 Switch App to help you go green with confidence. All you need to do is download, drive and decide.

Green initiatives for business

Adopting green practices is crucial in tackling climate change, and it could also help your business be more efficient and gain positive recognition from customers and investors.

Championing climate solutions

At NatWest, we're setting ourselves the challenge to at least halve the climate impact of our financing activity by 2030.

Something else we can help you with?