19 Oct 2022

Staying safe in a digital world with Heimdal® Threat Prevention

With so many different online threats targeting businesses, it’s more important than ever to have robust online threat prevention software. As a Bankline customer, we offer your business one free license of Heimdal®’s Threat Prevention software that covers 10 devices.


Heimdal® is a leading European provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that cleverly protects against new and existing online threats which may otherwise go undetected. It will integrate with any existing antivirus software and provide you with full and customisable threat reports.


We’ve caught up with Elly Stirling, a security expert from Heimdal®, to find out the latest updates. 



Elly, can you tell us which are today’s most common cyberthreats?


‘Sure, the three common threats we’re seeing right now are impersonation fraud, supply chain attacks, and ransomware.’

‘With impersonation fraud, many businesses are subject to scam attempts where criminals impersonate CEOs, managers, or trusted organisations such as banks, law enforcement agencies and HMRC.’

‘When it comes to supply chain attacks, criminals attempt to tamper with the manufacturing or distribution processes within a business through delivering malware to the systems they use. Supply chain attacks are often difficult to spot quickly and can cause significant disruption.’ 

‘Lastly, ransomware attacks are when your systems are infected malicious software that encrypts your data. Your systems will then be held hostage until you pay the ransom demanded. These attacks can be particularly damaging with no guarantee the criminal will give you back access to your own systems, even if you pay.’


With these threats in mind, what’s changed about Heimdal® Threat Prevention?


‘It’s had lots of great updates since we last spoke. We’ve improved the Dashboard so we can provide you with more info than ever before. You’ll be able to see a full list of attacks that Heimdal® has prevented, broken down by device, and any third-party patches that have been rolled out.’

‘We’ve also made sure there’s more control over updates, allowing for even greater flexibility with the software your business already uses. For example, you’ll be able to choose how and when you want to run Microsoft patches to avoid disruption and rebooting.’


A question we often get is ‘How can I get the best out of Heimdal® and where should I install it?’, what do you think, Elly?


‘Since our Threat Prevention package works alongside any other existing antivirus software, businesses can get the best out of Heimdal® by making sure they’re using all 10 free licenses they get as a Bankline customer. Using Heimdal®’s Dashboard will help businesses to understand where threats are coming from and if any actions are required.’

‘In terms of where to install Heimdal®, it’s best to install on any devices your business uses, including phones and tablets, and your business network because both the device and network are at risk from online threats.’


How is it different to traditional antivirus software?


‘Traditional antivirus software tends to provide reactive support. This means it waits until the threat is present on your system before fighting it. But Heimdal® works proactively in the background, constantly monitoring emerging threats via our dashboard, so we can anticipate and intercept them before they reach your device. As an ‘endpoint’ solution, our software protects your individual devices, regardless of location and network, giving you peace of mind and the flexibility to work wherever you need to.’


What general online security advice would you give to businesses?


 ‘It’s important to recognise that even with all of the right security software in place, a business can still fall victim to online threats if their employees don’t know common red flags to look out for. Having people in a business who know how to spot and handle security threats is just as important as technical solutions.’

‘Therefore, I’d suggest that businesses take steps to build a culture of awareness by training employees in spotting common red flags and how to deal with online threats effectively. There are lots of free resources out there available from NatWest and in our Heimdal® blog. These tools can help a business increase its resilience against online threats and protect it from becoming a victim.’

‘Another area that’s important for businesses is using strong passwords. Compromised accounts can be particularly damaging and cause significant disruption to a business. We’re only human, so remembering lots of long and complex passwords can be challenging. However, having good password hygiene and using a password manager can help to protect your accounts from online threats.’


Final thoughts


Thank you for talking with us again Elly, it’s good to hear more about all the great work Heimdal® are doing to protect businesses worldwide. Let’s continue to build that culture of security awareness together!

To learn more about Heimdal® Threat Prevention, visit this page:

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You can find security advice and training resources on how to protect your business, and help with the security features available in Bankline, by visiting our security centre.

* Bankline customers can register for one free licence of Heimdal® Threat Prevention, Patch and Asset Management. The licence covers installation on up to ten devices. There’s a charge for additional licences, if you want to add the software to more than ten devices.

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The views presented in the quoted sections of this article are those of our security partners, Heimdal®, and should not be taken directly as the views of NatWest.