What’s banking got to do with climate change?

How we use our money today can change the world of tomorrow. In fact, money has the power to create a greener planet. Learn more in our latest video.

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What backing climate means for us

"As the largest lender to British businesses, we have a huge role to play in reducing the effects of climate change and protecting the planet for future generations. As a bank, we’re connected to all parts of the economy; from individuals and small businesses right through to large corporates. So we know that it’s our responsibility to influence and to lead.”

Alison Rose, CEO NatWest Group. 

What help do you need to live a more sustainable way of life?

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How are we taking action?

Climate-friendly living

We’re helping our customers with greener home initiatives and greener living.

Climate-friendly business

We’re supporting and funding green businesses.

A Principal Partner of COP26

We’re proud to be a principal partner for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021.