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You’re almost there. Soon, you’ll be able to get the most from online banking – saving you time and effort.

An Activation Code is a 10-digit number you may have received or be waiting for in order to gain access to online banking.

Access the full version of online banking

How to use your Activation Code to gain access to our online banking service.

If you didn’t receive instant access to your accounts, we’ll send an Activation Code to you either by post or text message.

To activate the full version of online banking, you need:

  • Your Customer Number. A unique 10-digit number which identifies you to us. It starts with your date of birth (ddmmyy) followed by a four digit number
  • Your Activation Code. We send this to you either in the post or by text message after signing up to online banking. Remember, you’ll need to use the Activation Code before the expiry date which will be in the letter or text message.

Getting started with online banking is easy:

  1. Click the log in button – you'll find it in the top right-hand corner on every page within
  2. Enter your 10-digit Customer Number
  3. Tick the 'Activation' box, which is immediately below the Customer Number
  4. Enter your Activation Code. Remember, once you have successfully logged into online banking, you need to securely destroy the Activation Code
  5. Choose your PIN. Your PIN must be four digits. We’ll ask for random characters from your PIN each time you log in, so it's important to keep it memorable but secret – don’t record your PIN anywhere
  6. Choose Your Password. Your Password should be between 6 and 20 characters long. It can be made up of letters and numbers. Again, make this memorable but secret
  7. Then just follow the instructions on screen

Remember, we will never ask you to disclose your full PIN Number and Password.

Lost your numbers or need help?

Online banking should make life easier. And that includes getting help if things aren't quite going to plan.

Lost or expired Activation Code?

You will need a new Activation Code if the original one sent to you has expired.

Similarly, if you have tried to use the Activation Code more than three times, the code will be locked and you’ll need a new one.

To get a new Activation Code, simply re-submit your details.

Lost or forgotten your Customer Number?

Re-submit your details.

Need a little help?

Ask a question.

Stay secure – visit our Security Centre before you set up online banking.

If you entered your debit card details during sign-up, or followed the Activation Code process, then you’re ready to make the most of the benefits of online banking.

Order a Card-Reader

To unlock the full potential of online banking, you'll need to order a Card-Reader which helps keep your money safe.

Right now you can check your balances, recent transactions and statements in real-time. You can also transfer funds between your NatWest accounts.

Once you’ve activated your Card-Reader, you’ll be able to pay bills, manage standing orders and direct debits, make payments to friends and much more.

To order a Card-Reader:

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select 'Change Settings' from the menu
  3. Select 'Order Card-Reader'

Switch to online statements

Cutting out paper statements is the easy way to sort your filing.

To switch over to online statements:

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select 'Statements' from the menu
  3. Click 'Start or stop receiving bank statements by post'
  4. Click 'no' beside the account – or accounts – where you wish to switch off paper statements

You’ll also need to give us a valid email address. We’ll use this to send you an alert when your statement is ready to view online.

Download Rapport

Even antivirus software and a firewall aren't always enough to protect you from identity fraud. The reason? Fraudsters can bypass these defences, to spy on your login details.

To help protect you online, we recommend free security software called Rapport. It’s from the financial security experts at Trusteer.

  1. Visit our Rapport page to find out more
  2. Click 'Download now'
  3. Read the system requirements, then choose the PC or Mac version
  4. When you're prompted, save the file
  5. Double-click the file to install Rapport
  6. Follow the instructions on screen

Set up a savings goal

Whatever you’re saving towards, our savings tool could help you on your way.

Set a target, then see how your savings are shaping up against your goal. It’s easy to link your goal to an existing savings account, or open a new one.

What would happen if you save a bit more, or give yourself less time to meet your goal? Play about with different figures, to see how they affect your savings.

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