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Introducing TouchPay. Pay for everyday essentials with your iPhone. Your invitation to help us trial new TouchPay. Register your interest. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

NatWest TouchPay is the very latest way to make contactless payments

By using your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, you can pay for purchases of £20 or less direct from your current account. We invited customers to help us trial TouchPay and have generated a lot of interest. The registration period is now closed.

  • The iCarte phone cover and TouchPay app
    Once attached, you will be prompted to download the NatWest TouchPay app.
  • Touch and pay with contactless
    Use TouchPay wherever you see the contactless symbol. Participating retailers include McDonald's, Pret A Manger, Subway, and EAT.
  • Debited straight from your current account
    TouchPay works directly with your NatWest current account, in the same way as your Visa Debit card. You can see all your TouchPay transactions instantly on the transaction overview in your TouchPay app. Please note that standard data download charges may apply.
  • The trial is limited to 1000 mobile banking customers.

Safe and secure


There are a number of features that make TouchPay a very safe way to pay

Track your spend


Control where you spend your money with the transaction tracker feature

  1. We invited mobile banking customers to help us trial TouchPay,
    which generated a lot of interest so the registration period is now closed
    The four month trial limited to 1000 mobile banking customers with an
    iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Find out more about NatWest mobile banking
  2. You’ll receive confirmation from NatWest if you’ve been selected
  3. Your iCarte cover will be sent after receiving your confirmation
  4. Attach iCarte cover to your iPhone and download the app
  5. Use your iPhone to pay until the trial ends
    We'll let you know when the trial is close to finishing.
  6. Send us your feedback
    We'll be in touch regularly, by email or text, to see how it's going.

You can use TouchPay wherever you see the contactless symbol

Go contactless at: McDonald’s, Pret A Manger, EAT, Subway

And at some: Caffè Nero, Burger King, Krispy Kreme, Crussh, Boots, Spar, Timpson, Superdrug, Slug and Lettuce, The Co-operative Food, WH Smith travel and many independent retailers, such as news agents.

The list of retailers accepting contactless is growing all the time, so look out for the symbol wherever you pay.

Who can use TouchPay?

TouchPay currently can only be used by those NatWest mobile banking customers who have been confirmed as part of the trial. These customers will be selected from those who registered their interest to take part. The TouchPay trial generated a lot of interest and the registration period is closed now.

Where can I use TouchPay?

TouchPay can be used wherever you see the contactless logo . See list of retailers accepting contactless

Is TouchPay secure?

There are a number of features that make TouchPay a very safe way to pay. First, you must unlock your phone (we recommend you have a phone pin set up to do this) and launch the TouchPay app to make a transaction. You also have two payment settings to choose from:

  • Automatic Simply touch your phone to the reader. From time to time, you’ll be asked to enter your passcode to ensure your phone is still in your possession.
  • Manual Enter your passcode every time, before you make a transaction.

We take security very seriously so as long as you look after your passcode, we’ll protect you should you experience any fraud or loss.

Remember, during a contactless transaction, your iPhone doesn’t leave your hand, which helps reduce the risk of fraud.

How can I view TouchPay transactions?

You can check your TouchPay transactions on the app Transaction overview and manage your spending with the Transaction tracker feature.

Purchases will also be shown on your paper statement, through NatWest Online Banking and your Mobile Banking App.

Are there any costs when using TouchPay?

TouchPay contactless transactions are free within the UK and NatWest will not charge you for the TouchPay service. However standard data download charges may apply, depending on your tariff. Please contact your mobile network operator for details.

The iCarte cover will be sent to you at no cost.

How big is the iCarte cover?

The iCarte cover is lightweight and is the same thickness as an average phone cover. It is black with no NatWest branding.

Which NatWest account will be linked to TouchPay?

TouchPay is linked to the NatWest current account you gave at registration. You can also check this in the app where the last four digits of your linked account will be shown in the main screen and transaction history area. As this is only a trial, the account can not be changed.

How long will the pilot run for?

The pilot will run for approximately four months. When the trial is close to finishing, we will get in touch to let you know what happens next with TouchPay.

About other mobile platforms like Android and Blackberry?

This is a trial of a new service and therefore is only available for users of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 at this time. We hope to make TouchPay available for other smart phones in the future. Please regularly check back for updates on natwest.com

What happens after the trial?

Close to the end of the trial we’ll be in touch to get your final feedback and let you know what happens next with TouchPay. You will not be asked to return your iCarte but you will no longer be able to pay in store using TouchPay.

Email touchpay@natwest.com
we will try to respond within 1 working day.

Lost your phone?
0845 600 1567

Or join the conversation in the TouchPay community.

Welcome to the TouchPay Community

If you've been selected to test run our handy new TouchPay app, you can now share your user experiences via the TouchPay Community forum.

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