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Alternative ways to pay

Discover alternative ways to pay

As part of our ongoing commitment to being Britain’s most helpful bank, we’d like to highlight some convenient ways for you to pay.

Debit Card

Using a Visa Debit card is an easy and convenient way of paying for goods and services wherever you see the Visa logo.

You can use a Visa Debit card to pay for goods and services at millions of retailers and to withdraw cash, just look out for the Visa logo shown on your card.

Visa Debit cards also come with purchase protection, so if you pay for goods or services with the card, and they fail to arrive or are damaged when you receive them then you could get your money back.

Visa Debit cards travel well. In fact, they are one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash worldwide. Please bear in mind that charges apply abroad.

Full details of debit card charges

Direct Debit/Standing orders

Direct Debits and standing orders offer a simple, safe and speedy way to pay regular bills and make payments from your bank account.

Direct Debits could be suitable when you have frequent bill payments. An amount is taken from your account on a set date, for example weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, and is transferred to the payee. In most cases a Direct Debit is set-up or amended by the recipient of the funds.

Standing orders are normally used when you are moving a fixed amount of money between accounts on a set date, for example weekly, bi-monthly or monthly,

If you need to set-up a standing order we can help. Simply contact your local branch or sign-up for online banking, which will allow you to set-up, amend or cancel your standing orders.

Direct payment

Direct payments allow you to make a one off or regular payment to a recipient. It’s a great way to make a payment to family or friends.

The service allows participating banks to provide same day processing of electronic payments such as funds transfers, bill payments and standing orders.

You are able to make payments via in branch, online or telephone banking on a near real-time basis. Payment will be received by the payee either almost immediately after leaving your account, up to two hours later or the next business day, providing the payment amount is within the direct payments set limits. You will also know straight away whether a direct payment was sent successfully.

Both sending and receiving banks need to be members of the direct payment service and the amount of the payment needs to be within the set limits.