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Your Points Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. The NatWest Your Points loyalty scheme (the " Scheme") is operated by National Westminster Bank Plc (the " Bank") and is available to holders of a National Westminster Bank MasterCard or Visa card account (an " Account") who have registered with the Bank for participation in the Scheme in accordance with condition 4 below (a " Participant").

  2. These Scheme terms and conditions govern the collection and use of points earned in relation to the Scheme and are additional to the terms and conditions of use relating to any applicable Account.

  3. A fee, which will be notified to Participants when they register for the Scheme, will be charged to the Participant's Account each month. The Bank may in its sole discretion waive the fee in any month and will notify the Participant if it does.

  4. An Account holder can register for the Scheme by calling 0845 072 7629. Some Account holders may be automatically registered for the Scheme, if this happens they will be notified.

  5. A Participant may leave the Scheme at any time upon notifying the Bank, and the Bank may exclude any Participant from the Scheme with immediate effect if they breach any of the terms and conditions of their Account or the terms and conditions of the Scheme. If a Participant is excluded from the Scheme they will be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

  6. Transactions which qualify for the Scheme (" Qualifying Transactions") are those which:
    (a) have been made using an Account;
    (b) are in respect of payment for purchases (other than purchases referred to in condition 8 below); and
    (c) are shown in a Participant's monthly Account
    statement (a " Statement") which is dated after the Participant has registered with the Bank to participate in the Scheme.

  7. Qualifying Transactions earn 1 point for every 1 of expenditure. The Bank may vary the number of points awarded for every 1 of qualifying expenditure provided that the Participant will be given reasonable prior notice of any such variation. The Bank may from time to time offer additional bonus points in respect of promotions or offers; if this happens the Bank will provide Participants with details of the bonus points available and any additional terms and conditions which are applicable to the relevant promotion or offer. Points shall at all times remain the property of the Bank, including after they have been awarded to a Participant. Points have no cash value.

  8. The following transactions are not Qualifying Transactions, and will not earn points in respect of, the Scheme:
    (a) cash advances;
    (b) balance transfers;
    (c) money transfers;
    (d) transactions made using cheques or promotional cheques;
    (e) transactions which are treated as advances or cash advances in accordance with the conditions of use of an account, e.g. purchase of foreign currency and travellers' cheques;
    (f) interest, fees and other charges; and
    (g) other debits which, in accordance with the Bank's standard practice, are not treated as payment for purchases such as the transfer of a debit balance to an Account.

  9. In the case of any refund or cancellation of a Qualifying Transaction the Participant's points balance will be adjusted to reflect what the position would have been if the refunded or cancelled transaction had not been made.

  10. Any points earned on Qualifying Transactions made using an additional card issued in respect of any Account will be awarded to the principal cardholder on the Account. Additional cardholders in respect of any Account are not Participants and cannot earn, use or redeem points themselves in respect of the Account for which they hold an additional card.

  11. The Bank may, at its discretion, refuse to award points to a Participant in respect of any Qualifying Transaction which is made in any month in which the Participant is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of their Account or the terms and conditions of the Scheme.

  12. The Bank may cancel any points which have been earned by a Participant but are unredeemed, if:
    (a) the Participant breaches of any of the terms and conditions of their Account;
    (b) the Participant breaches the terms and conditions of the Scheme;
    (c) no transactions are made using the Account which qualify for the Scheme for thirty-six continuous calendar months;
    (d) the Account is closed for any reason by the Participant or the Bank;
    (e) the Participant leaves the Scheme;
    (f) the Participant is excluded from the Scheme by the Bank; or
    (g) the Scheme ends for any reason.
    Once this has happened the Participant will no longer be able to redeem those points.

  13. Points can only be earned, held, transferred or redeemed as set out in these Scheme terms and conditions. Any other use, sale, exchange or transfer of points, or any attempt to do so, shall be a breach of these Scheme terms and conditions. Any Participant breaching the Scheme terms and conditions may, in accordance with conditions 5 and 13, be excluded from the Scheme and may lose any points which they have earned but which are unredeemed.

  14. Where a Participant holds more than one Account, any Points earned in respect of all Accounts may be combined and assigned to a primary Account nominated by the Participant. Points cannot normally be transferred from a Participant to any other person; however points may be transferred upon a Participant's death or divorce provided that the Bank receives reasonable evidence of the legal division of points, and the person to whom the points are transferred is also a Participant.

  15. Provided that a Participant has sufficient points available for redemption their points may be redeemed in exchange for goods, services and/or discounts from such companies as the Bank may notify to Participants from time to time ("Suppliers"). An up-to-date list of Suppliers is available by contacting the Bank at any time.

  16. Points earned in relation to the Scheme will be redeemed by Participants for goods, services and/or discounts provided by Suppliers and the Bank will pay the relevant Supplier third party consideration for the goods, services and/or discounts which the Supplier provides to Participants.

  17. Goods, services and/or discounts offered by Suppliers, and the number of points which need to be redeemed in order to get them, will be notified to Participants from time to time and are subject to availability. Transactions in which points are redeemed are made directly with the relevant Supplier, and the Bank has no responsibility for the quality, standard or provision of the goods or services in respect of which points were redeemed or the failure of any Supplier or other person to honour any discount.

  18. The provision of goods, services and/or discounts by Suppliers are subject to the Supplier's then current terms and conditions, and Suppliers will not be treated as agents nor will the Bank be treated as agent of a Supplier for any purpose.

  19. Additional cardholders in respect of any Account shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 in respect of the Scheme and these terms and conditions. The Bank will only be liable to a Participant who suffers loss as a result of the Bank's breach of these terms and conditions and, if so, the Bank's sole liability will be to credit the affected Participant with any points which have incorrectly deducted, withheld or cancelled. These Scheme terms and conditions do not exclude or limit the Bank's liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

  20. The Participant is responsible for the security of any security code, password or other information used to access and/or use points issued in respect of the Scheme. The Bank will not be responsible for any unauthorised use of points caused by any such unauthorised disclosure.

  21. The Bank shall have no responsibility in respect of any personal tax liability, which may arise if points issued in connection with the Scheme are awarded in respect of business expenditure.

  22. The Bank reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions or to terminate or change the Scheme at any time provided that the Participant will be given reasonable prior notice of any such variation or termination. Continuing to earn or redeem points under the Scheme will constitute acceptance by a Participant of any variation to the Scheme terms and conditions of which they have been previously notified.

  23. These terms and conditions will prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials, and they do not affect the statutory rights of the Participant.

  24. If the Bank sells or transfers the Scheme, or subcontracts the management or operation of the Scheme, it may transfer all of its rights and obligations under these terms and conditions without any consent from Participants.

  25. The Laws of England and Wales shall govern these terms and conditions and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction for settlement of disputes arising in respect of them.