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Press Room

15 January 2009

NatWest & RBS launch lower fixed rate mortgages from 3.99%

  • New 3.99% 2 Year Fixed Rate Deal
  • Rates reduced by up to 0.70%
  • 30% off selected fixed rate product fees for packaged account customers

NatWest and RBS have announced the introduction of a new competitive fixed rate mortgage with a rate of only 3.99% and a fee of 799. The new 2 year deal is available to both new customers and those wishing to remortgage, with a loan to value (LTV) of 60%. The new deal is available from Thursday 15 January 2009.

The Bank is replacing a number of their fixed rate mortgages from the same date, with new deals reducing by as much as 0.70%. Customers can choose between 2, 3 and 5 year deals.

Purchase and remortgage deals:

Mortgage detailsRate from 15 JanuaryLTVFeeRate Reduction
2 year fixed3.99%60%799-0.60%
2 year fixed4.14%75%999-0.70%
2 year fixed5.79%85%999-0.35%
2 year fixed6.39%90%999-0.25%
3 year fixed4.49%75%999-0.30%
5 year fixed4.89%60%499NEW
5 year fixed5.99%85%499-0.25%
5 year fixed6.49%90%499-0.25%

Early repayment charges will apply

Announcing the new mortgage deals, Andy Fell, Director of Branch Mortgages commented: "We believe this attractive new range of fixed rates gives us a great opportunity to help our customers secure lower rates and potentially save some money on their monthly repayments. We remain committed to helping our customers and supporting them by offering a range of competitive deals during these challenging economic conditions."

Customers holding a NatWest or RBS packaged account can benefit further with 30% off selected product fees. For full details visit and