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NatWest Marks 10 Years of Buy-to-Let
(21 August 2006)

This month marks the ten-year anniversary since the inception of the buy-to-let mortgage.

A lot can happen in a decade, particularly to your personal finances and what you spend your money on.

In the last ten years, the price of gas has gone up 28% 1and the cost of the maintenance and repair of your property has increased by 33% 2.

However, at NatWest the cost of a Buy-to-Let mortgage has reduced by almost 50%.

In 1997, the average buy to let rate was 8.7% 3, but today NatWest is marking 10 years of buy-to-let with a new range of deals which includes a 4.94% three-year tracker.

Guy Aldwinckle, Head of NatWest Mortgages, commented: "NatWest's new Buy-to-Let Base Rate Tracker has a rate of just 4.94% (BR +0.19%) for three years, making it one of the best deals on the market. People have become more financially aware over the last decade. Property continues to be a popular choice for long-term investment and retirement planning so NatWest has developed buy-to-let products to suit the changing profile of buy-to-let investors."

The new NatWest 4.94% tracker deal is available with a minimum loan of 50,000 and has an arrangement fee of 699. The mortgage also has an annual 10% overpayment option. This overpayment can take the form of lump sums or regular overpayments.

NatWest Mortgage Services is also extending a helping hand to business customers with a 5.14% Buy to Let Tracker at BR +0.39% for two years, followed by a long term base rate tracker of BR +1.10%. The deal also comes with free valuation.

Guy Aldwinckle concluded: "NatWest has consistently offered strong buy-to-let mortgage products over the last ten years and this new range is no different. At 4.94% for three years this new base rate tracker makes owning a buy-to-let property a more affordable option for investors both old and new."

For more information on NatWest's mortgage range call 0800 400 999 or visit

Notes to Editors:

  • 1Source ONS CPI Data, 2Source ONS CPI Data, 3Calculated based on data from Moneyfacts.
  • Further product information

    DealInterest RateAPRERCNotes
    Three-Yr Tracker Buy-to-Let Deal4.94% Tracker (BR + 0.19%) 'til 3% until 30.09.0910% annual overpayment option, 695 arrangement fee, min loan 50k.
    Two-Yr Tracker Buy-to-let Deal5.34% Tracker (BR + 0.59%)7.0%3% until 30.09.08Free valuation, 10% annual overpayment option, 495 arrangement fee.

    Two-Yr Tracker Buy-to-Let

    For Business and Premier Customers only

    5.14% Tracker (BR + 0.39%)

    Followed by long term BRT of + 1.10%

    5.8%2% until 30.09.08Free valuation, 10% overpayment option, 595 arrangement fee, min loan 50k.