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Card Reader demo

  • Using your Card-Reader (1 of 5)

    What is it?

    • It's an extra level of security that protects you against fraud
    • It's easy to use, and we'll give you clear instructions when you need to use the Card-Reader

    When do I use it?

    • You only need the Card-Reader for some banking transactions, like setting up a new payee or standing order
    • We will not ask you to use it to login to online banking
    Managing your card online
  • Using your Card-Reader (2 of 5)

    What else do I need?

    • You'll need your NatWest debit card
    • You'll also need your PIN number - the one you use for making purchases and making withdrawals
    • No debit card with your account? We'll send you a digital banking card with a separate PIN number to use with your Card-Reader
    Set up alerts
  • Using your Card-Reader (3 of 5)

    How to add a new payee

    • When you add a new payee, we'll ask you to use your Card-Reader
    • On your computer screen, select the card you want to use
    • Insert this card in the Card-Reader
    • Then press 'respond' on the Card-Reader
    Make a payment
  • Using your Card-Reader (4 of 5)

    How to add a new payee

    • The Card-Reader will ask for your PIN
    • Enter your PIN and press 'OK'
    • On your computer screen, you'll see an eight digit number
    • Enter this on your Card-Reader and press 'OK'
    • Your Card-Reader will show a unique code
    • Enter this code on your computer and click 'Confirm'
    Online statements
  • Using your Card-Reader (5 of 5)

    New payee added

    • You've successfully added a new payee
    • You can now send payments to this payee

    Order a Card-Reader

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